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Good job on this one. Animation was fantastic, and quality was good. You've come really far with this movie compared to your first. Good job man. :D

Your getting better.

The animation seems slow...And the voices seem a little out of sync... And the faces seem more blank now, with less detail. You can do better than this. Just focus on syncing everything first.


That was short, but amazing. I loved it.

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Its not too good. No point of really playing. Its a 5 second game at the most. Atleast do good graphics.


guy below is a re re to hate this game...


This is good, if not better than ng rumble. But put in a auto save after each level if its crashes in case. Fix ~M-O-S-T~ the bugs and you got it. #1 game in NG by crew pick :] lol

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Love this short little blurb! It's short, but it feels full for what it is. The voices at the end are not my cup of tea, but I recognize the time, talent, and thoughtfulness that went into something we consider "short".

I wanted to really like it. Like everything about it is refreshing. The bass is a tad too heavy, but its a mellow kind of heavy, which is more preferable to me. Too much bass will absolutely wreck a vocal trying to lay down to it. The one thing I don't like about the beat, hence the -2 songs, is constant waaah remix sound going in after the chimes, affecting the bass. I think a few here and there would be great, but it almost takes the tempo I'm trying to count to, and throws it in a dumpster. There is potential though! Thanks for making it!

B4R responds:

Thanks for the review, i'll definitely take those notes into consideration. I'm always trying out new things when it comes to the melody bc i don't like to repeat alot of melodies but one thing that remains almost consistent is that bass and percussion which basically haunts me in most my songs. I been working on it, trying to learn to get the mastering down and i'll keep pushing, appreciate the words of encouragement!

Its really repetitive... The bass is also extremely heavy. This is verging on the line of techno, or EDM if the tempo was a little faster. You had a decent variation starting at around 42 seconds. I'd lay off the bass as much, and experiment with LESS is MORE. The intro and outro was great, probably the best parts about this beat. I wish you luck.

Whats up. Names George, G Plattinum. I hit up beats, and i'll let you know if its good imho, and in my critical break down. I've matured quite a bit over the few years! Soundcloud: Georgethe3 (GPlattinum)

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