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Hey guys, I'm trying!

2016-12-05 06:43:30 by DeMoNiCbLiSs

So Life comes at you fast. Im only 23, and I've hurdled events that shouldnt of happened til I hit 40's, 50's... But I am here and still kicking. I have a lot to write about. I am still working on a voice for rapping, but its close. With you guys making these great instrumentals and real rappers staying up there (rittz, tech n9ne, eminem, yellawolf, Jarren Benton, Hopsin, and so many more) I'm inspired to keep on going on. My job requires a LOT of time. And my side activity (mechanic) keeps extra cash going. Currently dealing with getting a house. So, theres another chunk of time gone. I've started quite a few projects. Don't worry if you don't hear from me in a while, I'm still working on it! Just understand where I'm at in life, and please grant me some time. By the end of janurary I should be pretty free. Thanks guys! - G Plattinum


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2016-12-05 06:50:28

You rap? I would too if I could write lyrics (every time I try to come up with something it's corny).
I make instrumentals here and there. Let me know if you decide to use one. I'd love to hear it.

DeMoNiCbLiSs responds:

I'm truly grateful of your interest! I will look over your library when I got some time, and get with you for sure. And if you want to improve your skills, just freestyle, All the time. Even if its something dumb. Just rhyme, all the time, and combine words you learn and find. Ha. Listening to Mayday, prozak, potluck, made it easier to find a flow. If you need any help with a line or two, I'd be more than willing to help you out.


2016-12-05 07:02:32

Really? Thanks for the tip! I do get a lot of alone time at work, so perfect.
Left you a review. Hope it helps.